How Take Care Your Kitchen Cookware Set?

No matter the cost or the kind of best cookware set you have, at some point, you will burn something in your cookware. It is the nature of cooking, but it also means you will need a way to clean them properly, so you will not damage your cookware. Taking care of non stick kitchen cookware set is not as because you think.

Kitchen Cookware Set

The Best Way to take care of Your Kitchen cookware set

The first tip is to use plastic or wooden utensils when you cook. Using them will keep the outer surface of your pan in perfect condition. Steel spatulas and spoons will scratch the surface of the pot and pans and damage them completely.

The second cleaning tip for non stick cookware is to dip them in hot water after their use. It helps clean the foodstuff from them without having to clean them.

If you burn the foodstuff when you are cooking, dip them in hot water and soda for 30 minutes. The soda will melt the burnt food and then you can clean and wash them with hot soapy water.

Always use a sponge or cloth and a plastic scrubber. Do not use the wire scrubbers or metal scouring pads.

After you are done the cooking, put the pan in hot water with a little detergent while you eat. It will keep the foodstuff from dehydrating out and sticking to the pan. Wash the pans with soapy water and dry them immediately. Letting them, air dry will cause water spots and discolorations of the cookware.

Clean the outside spots of the cookware to keep oil and other foods from cooking on them the next time you use them.

Use an excellent dish cleaning detergent, salt or soda to clean the kitchen cookware set. That way they will be very durable, and you will not end up with several types of dishes to cook.

How Not to Clean Your Non stick Kitchen cookware set

  • Do not use cooking sprays on them. You can use olive oil or butter, but cooking sprays will leave a taste on them. The cooking spray will dip into the non-stick area.
  • Do not put your cookware in the dishwasher. It will rust and dry out the outer surface.
  • Do not use the rough cleanser, bleach, steel wool or scrape. Also, do not try to use any oven cleaner. Most non-stick cookware will come clean with immersing for no more than an hour, and then wash them with hot soapy water.
  • Do not use a non-stick pot, the pan under the broiler, or cook any higher than 450 degrees. Any hotter and the heat will damage the non-stick finish.

Taking proper care, your best non stick cookware set will keep them not only looking brand new but will also save you purchasing a replacement set. Finding a pan to match the cooking set will be challenging because most cookware is sold in places, not independently. Taking care of them when you are finished or at least putting them in hot water will make it simpler to clean them.

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