5 Solid Reasons to Avoid Cheap Flat Feet Insoles

Insoles that are made for flat feet ensure that your feet get best arch support and comfort so you can stand for hours and can perform your daily task without suffering from any pain. They are specially designed to make you like you don’t have flat feet at all.

Reasons to Avoid Cheap Flat Feet Insoles

Buying cheap insoles for your flat feet might seem like you have struck a lifetime deal but soon you feel that these insoles are only there to aggravate your pain. As they are cheap, their quality has been compromised to make a profit. Some of the features which make cheap insoles to bad options are:

  • Poor Durability

During the manufacturing of insoles, a poor quality material is used so the amount of investment is kept to a minimum. The material will easily breakdown after being put to use few times. These insoles are not created to last but are manufactured to by companies to make money as they want. You have to replace it after few months of use. Usually, insoles last for years, but these insoles are there just to become a waste of money and time.

  • Not Comfortable Enough

The primary purpose of insoles is to provide comfort to your feet, so they do not experience any discomfort while you are going through your daily routine or you are trying to bring your body into shape. As the material of the cheap insoles is not of high quality, your feet will only feel comfortable for few minutes. They will quickly feel lethargic when you use a cheap insole.

  • No Protection from Microorganisms

High-quality insoles always come with features which protect your feet from fungal and bacterial infections. As insoles occupy a large space in shoes, there is no proper ventilation in the shoes, so your feet do not come in contact with fresh air which leads to the growth of microorganisms. High-quality insoles always come with features which protect your feet from fungal and bacterial infections, but manufacturers of cheap insoles do not consider this main threat to your feet and do not allow insoles to give proper protection to your feet.

  • No Variety in Sizes

Manufacturers that spend a lot of money in making of insoles will consider every possible scenario. They will not only make insoles of standard sizes but will also keep in mind the needs of specially sized feet. As some people have unique shape and sizes of feet, they will allow customizing the insoles easily. Cheap insoles do not have this special feature. They are only made for standard sized feet and won’t any proper customization properties.

  • Not Thin Enough

Usually, high-quality insoles are made by keeping in mind the space present in shoes. A good insole can fit in even the shoes which have little space such as dress shoes. Insoles should make sure that there is no need for the removal of factory inserted insoles to make more room for feet. Cheap insoles will not consider the space of the shoes. They are not there to adjust in your shoes but their primary purpose of making sure that your feet suffer. They do not consider the different space present in various shoes and will occupy as much space in the shoes as they can.

As your feet’s condition should be perfect, try to buy insoles which are of high quality. Your feet’s health is more important than your money so spending a little amount on insoles won’t put you in disadvantage.

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